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Coronavirus Update

Understandably some clients may have concerns about Covid-19 and whether this may have an impact on our ability to deliver divorce valuation reports.  We are happy to say that EPS is essentially operating normally:

• Our consulting actuaries have always worked from home so the new guidelines have not affected them at all.

• The office staff are now also working from home.  Our technology allows us to pick up emails and telephone calls normally and our post is being redirected.  Nevertheless, it would be more effective if we are contacted by email wherever possible.  (We encourage encryption of personal information with Egress switch or Microsoft 365 encryption.)

So, as far as our clients are concerned, it should be business as usual.  We are, however, reliant on the service from pension scheme administrators and this might potentially impact timescales in some cases. We will keep you informed if affected.  Remember that our Advance Data Gathering service is available to reduce the data gathering time if required.

If any previously advised court dates change, please let us know.

In view of the difficulties we may face banking cheques, we would ask our clients to pay our invoices by BACS transfer where possible.

Please check here for any updates.