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We publish a range of pensions on divorce factsheets in connection with the work we do. Any of these may be obtained, on request, by completing the request form on our Contact Us page.

The current list is as follows:

  • EPS Standard Report Features
  • EPS’s relationship with Independent Financial Advisors
  • EPS actuarial pension reports – the process
  • EPS Brochure v0.5
  • EPS POR Brochure Form
  • Advanced Data Gathering Service
  • Approach to Limited Pension accrual periods calculations
  • Armed Forces Pension Scheme 1975 – Implementation of Pension Sharing Orders
  • Capital value losses and gains on pension sharing
  • Contingent Annuities – Divorce
  • Defined Benefit Pensions – early retirement features
  • Equalisation options
  • Health issues and their relevance
  • Income equalisation
  • Introduction to pension sharing on divorce for litigants in person
  • Market-consistent pension values
  • Overseas Pensions – analysis and valuation on UK divorce or dissolution
  • Offsetting adjustments
  • Pension lump sums
  • Pension options on divorce and dissolution
  • Pension Sharing and the Lifetime Allowance (Feb 2021)
  • Pension Sharing and valuation reports – why instruct an Actuary
  • Pension commencement ages
  • Pension redistribution methods in divorce
  • Pension sharing determined by Capital Values
  • Pension sharing implementation
  • Police Pensions – Instruction Issues for Solicitors 2020
  • Projecting future pension accruals
  • Protecting Personal Data
  • Public Sector Pensions – 2023 factor change
  • Questions to ask the pensions expert Jan 2020
  • State Pensions
  • Targeting pension choice for efficiency
  • Why a CETV is inappropriate in a divorce
  • Why an actuarial pension report
  • Why is there an extra charge for clients responsible for their own fees
  • Why is there an extra charge for LIPs
  • Working with IFAs and other Advisors

Useful Sources of Information

We hope the following list of websites may provide you with further assistance should you need it:

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